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Applicable scope

Suitable for the cutting of PVC/OPP/PE/ double-sided adhesive / crepe paper / plastic film materials

technical parameter

Maximum cutting diameter: 270mm

The maximum cutting speed: 35 cuts/min

Maximum cutting length: 1300mm (1600mm)

Paper tube diameter: 25.4 - 76.2mm

Cutting width: 2 - 1300mm (1600mm)

The main drive motor: 5HP

Cutter drive motor: 3HP*6P (servo motor)

Cutter diameter: 150 350mm

Cutting speed: 360 - 1800rpm

Weight: 1150KG

Machine size: 2850*1300*1460mm

Because the product development, the above information is for reference only, and is subject to change without prior informed.

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